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Agriculture Sustainability & History

Sustainable Agriculture Agriculture History

Sustainable Agriculture:

Regeneration International - pasture cropping
Australia - pasture cropping
Trees Forever - non-profit planting trees in the Midwest
Savanna Institute - Promotes agroforestry in the midwest
Allan Savory at Tufts University
Quivira Coalition Conference - Dr. Miguel Altieri
Cornell University - excellent series showing integrated farming practices
Joel Salatin - soil biology
eOrganic - agricultural trends
RUAF - urban agriculture
Toby Hemenway - the horticultural society
Homestead and Farm Resiliency
Permaculture in Practice
Australian Organic Farms Tour
Isreali Agriculture
Land Institute
Perennial grains
Univ Chicago - Climate change yield affect

One of the main factors of sustainability is to reduce input costs to a minimum. Then risk is also minimized. Profit margins can be increased if input costs do not consistantly pay for themselves. Yield may be reduced, but long term sustainability can be increased.


Agriculture History:

Michael Pollan - Deep Agriculture at Long Now Foundation
Sumarian description of the origins of agriculture
Evolution of agriculture - grains domesticated us
Mysterious origins of corn
Mysterious origins of spelt
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