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Agriculture Sustainability & History

Sustainable Agriculture Agriculture History

Sustainable Agriculture:

Savanna Institute - Promotes agroforestry in the midwest
Allan Savory at Tufts University
Quivira Coalition Conference - Dr. Miguel Altieri
Cornell University - excellent series showing integrated farming practices
Joel Salatin - soil biology
eOrganic - agricultural trends
RUAF - very good discussion of urban agriculture
Toby Hemenway - the horticultural society
Homestead and Farm Resiliency
Permaculture in Practice
Australian Organic Farms Tour
Isreali Agriculture
Land Institute
Perennial grains
Univ Chicago - Climate change yield affect

Agriculture History:

Michael Pollan - Deep Agriculture at Long Now Foundation
Sumarian description of the origins of agriculture
Evolution of agriculture - grains domesticated us
Mysterious origins of corn
Mysterious origins of spelt
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