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Roller Crimpers:

A roller crimper for the market size garden.

Earth Tools - BCS roller crimper


Punch planters or rolling jab planters can be used to plant seed through mulch. Punch planters create the least disturbance of the mulch so it helps to prevent weed emergence. Unfortunately, they do not work well in thick clay soils. Always roll down the cover crop perpendicular to the direction the rows were planted. But punch the same direction as the rows were planted and perpendicular to the rolling. This will allow the punch to penetrate the mulch more easily without catching on the residue. This is the opposite of disc no-till seeders which should be planted the same direction as the rolling since the disc will penetrate more easily when used in that direction.

Haraka rotary punch planter - simple so more reliable
Eden Equip
Ferris Farm - rotary punch planters, made in the USA, manual and tractor drawn
Growing Nations - rotary punch planter
Impatient Optimists

The Jang JP-1 is an excellant choice for small seeds. The Jang TD-1 is good if you are planting larger seeds. This seeder will plant through some residue, but not a lot.

Jang Seeder JP-1

A disc opener for the Jang seeder is available for higher residue planting but it still will not plant through a lot of residue.

Johnny's Seeds - double disc opener

The Knapik is slightly better for high residue in certain situations, but harder to get.

Knapik web site
Knapik design

The important thing about seed planters is that most farmers only need one or two large seed punch planter settings since planting small seed through organic mulch seldom works. And they usually only need one or two small seed non-punch planter settings since most small seeded plants are transplanted. Then the only thing left is to get a good punch transplanter.



A punch has the least disturbance of mulch.

Johnny's - jab transplanter

A shank leaves exposed soil for weeds to emerge.

USDA - transplanter with shank
Weed Em and Reap - no-till equipment


Full size trees provide additional disease resistance and longer life. But harvesting can be difficult.

FAO - harvesting equipment for full size trees
Fruit and nut catching net

Grinders & Mills:

Make your own hammermill
Lehman's - grain mill
eOrganic - grain dehullers

General Information:

Earth Tools - market garden scale equipment
NCAT - Tools for Small-Scale Crop Production
Univ of Missouri - no-till planting systems
Univ of Missouri - no-till manual
Virginia No-till - equipment modifications
Univ of Maryland - Monosem vs Knapik - Knapik is great for high residue
Push seeder comparison
Seeder comparison
No-till vegetable examples
eOrganic - tools for planting into mulch
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