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Maker and restorer of english and anglo concertinas. Great source for classical music written for the English concertina or music which adapts well.

Wheatstone Concertinas

Modern Wheatstone concertinas.

Barleycorn concertinas - wide range of vintage concertinas and expert advice.

Purchase squeeze boxes, books, and CD. Perfect for the beginner.

Concertina Makers List

If your primary goal is to concentrate on pure Irish pub sessions and dances, this list contains some of the primary anglo makers. Some of them do offer a limited line of English concertinas. Accordian brass reeds are soft and mellow and are good starter instruments, but if you want true vintage concertina sound, you need steel reeds.

List of Celtic Tunes in Order of Popularity

The Session Tune Rankings

Directories of Celtic Sites

Lark / Vashon
Chris Peterson
Old Music Project
Traditional Music
Lutheran / Jordan O'Connell
Liam / Sligo-Man

Directories of Classical Sites

Concertina Academy
Concertina net
Concertina Library
Concertina Connection
House of Music Traditions
Free Music Archive - classical 
Juliette Daum

Directories of Dance Tune Sites

Playford's Dancing Master
Dance Tune Sites - Boston
SCA - Dance Tunes
country Dance and Song Society
Standing Stones - Playford

Directories of Renaissance Tune Sites

University of New York
Early Music
Free Scores
Flute Tunes
Angel Fire
Renaissance Fanfare

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