Intermediate Play List

Below is a list of tunes that are fairly popular, of intermediate complexity, and adapt well to the English concertina.

Banshee / McMahon's
Castle Kelly
Collier's Reel
Congress reel
Drowsy Maggie
Drunken Landlady
Far From Home
Father Kelly
Flowers of Edinburgh WAV
Franks Reel
Maids of Mount Cisco
Merry Blacksmith
Morpeth Rant
Old Copperplate
Otter's Holt
Over the Moor to Maggie's
The Peelers Jacket
Pigeon on the Gate
Rakish Paddy
Saint Anne's
Sally Gardens
Scolleys Reel
Ships are Sailing
Silver Spear
Swinging on a Gate
Temperance Reel
Torn Jacket
Wind That Shakes the Barley

Across the Black River ( Kevin Burke)
Atoll Highlanders
Banish Misfortune
Behind the Haystack
Black Rogue
Blackthorn Stick
Blarney Pilgrim WAV
Christy Barry
Christy Barry 2
Cliffs of Moher
Fox Hunter
Frost is all Over 
Garret Barry
Haste to the Wedding
Humours of Ballyloughlin
Humours of Ennistymon
I Buried My Wife
Jimmy Ward
Joy of my Life (Humors of Donnybrook) 
Kesh Jig
Kitty Lie Over (Frost All Over)
Lark in the morning
Last Train From Loughrea
Lilting Banshee
Merrily Kissed the Quaker
Mist on the Mountain
Moon and Seven Stars
Mug of Brown Ale
Munster Buttermilk
My Darling Asleep
Off She Goes
Out Ocean
Pipe Hob
Rambling Pitchfork
Rose in the Heather
Sean Bui
Smash the Windows
Sporting Pitchfork
Tar Road to Sligo
Tatter Jack Walsh
Tobin's Favorite
Top Of Cork Road WAV
Tripping Up the Stairs
Willie Coleman's

The Boys of Bluehill WAV
Off to California WAV
Rights of Man WAV
Taylor's Twist

Dennis Murphy Slide
Old Favourite WAV
Road to Lisdoonvarna WAV
Scattery Island
Star Above the Garter


Return from Fingal

Bally Desmond I WAV
Bally Desmond II WAV
Battle of Aughrim
Bill Sullivan's Polka
Maggie in the Woods

Prepared by: Wayne Greene on:
Wheatstone Aeola
Wakker E1
Wakker Parnassus