Garden For Nutrition

Guidance for organic regenerative / sustainable agriculture and gardening in cool temperate regions with the purpose of maximizing nutrition and self-sufficiency. The crops recommended here are highly disease resistant, easy to grow in temperate regions, and make significant contributions to health. These are the keys to keeping costs low and reliability high.

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Nutrition Overview
Organic Garden Soil - How to Build Up Nutrients
Beneficial Bacteria in Garden Soil
Beneficial Fungus in Garden Soil
Self Sufficiency Garden Crops
Self Sufficiency Fruits and Nuts
Self Sufficiency Animals
Self Sufficiency Garden Crop Rotation
Organic Insect Control
Organic Weed Control
Tools & Equipment
Regenerative Pasture and Animal Management
Pasture Forages 
Remaining Animals
Remaining Trees
Remaining Crops
Organic Cold Climate Catalogs
Direct Marketing
Agriculture Sustainability & History
Organic Health Food Recipes
Self Sufficient Energy Production
Infectious Disease Prevention
Organic Agricultural Information
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By: Wayne Greene
B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College
Certified in Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing, Australian C.S.
Certified in Temperate Fruit Growing, Australian C.S.
Certified in Medicinal Herbs, Australian C.S.
Certified in Organic Plant Culture, Australian C.S.
U.S. Army - Preventive Medicine, Infection Control Technician

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